Studio 6

Studio 6 was founded in 1998 by Liana Gross and Dita Liron.
The studio includes a personal space where each artist has his or her workplace and a gallery where the works can be displayed.

Each artist arrives at a time that suits & comfortable for him/her to create.|
Every once in a while there are meetings in which we create together, talk about the works and plan collaborative projects.

Over the years, many artists have moved within the studio. Some came for a short period (guests from abroad) and some until they felt enough. But the studio hardcore are the artists which participated in many of its exhibitions. Rosie Shaham, Edward Grossman (RIP), Dita Liron and Liana Gross.

As a group we have participated in various exhibitions in Israel and abroad, we have appeared in various publications, press, catalogs and art stories in Israel and around the world. The studio’s phenomenon is highly valued by all standards and its artists certainly add value.

The studio is collaborating with the city community.
Every year we hold teen exhibitions and artist workshops in the city.
The studio is open for visitors during our working hours and recently we have opened it for Netanya’ artists.

Each artist creates in his free time and once a week – in the morning everyone meets, works and talks about the works.

The studio has a exhibition space – a gallery – and the works are presented to guests.

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