Dita Liron - Thoughts which inspire my creating

A painting is a “close-up” of information arriving in an instant, without the aspect of time. The context remains outside the painting, and the viewer produces it out of the knowledge he has accumulated, enabling him to give a clear meaning to the painting.

Figurative painting makes it easier for the viewer to complete the context, because it relates to a familiar reality.

In abstract painting, the context is built out of the inner code created within the painting.

My painting is different, in that it tries to show “figurative reliance”. It seems to be familiar to the viewer, but when he looks at it closely he can’t truly complete it; He needs to make an effort to produce a new context.

This guides me in my creation and my hope is that the scenario/situation presented to the viewer, is alluring enough for him to want to give the painting meaning.

In my paintings, same elements are repeated over and over. However, occasionally a new element is brought-in which gives the viewer a “holding point” en route to understanding the piece.